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Lisette L Pants, I heart you. Forever. And ever.

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I’m not a petite gal. In fact, I’ve been dealing with weight issues for the majority of my life (yay!) and am kinda (that’s an understatement!) critical of myself. So, when it comes to clothes…oof. What a headache. But let me tell you why Lisette L pants help get rid of that headache.

And, then, there was the introduction of Spanx. No need to worry about bulges and curves anymore, right? Well, other than the fact that we practically have to grease ourselves up to get into the darn things, they’re not that bad. Funny story: I wore Spanx to a wedding once. The one that goes from your knees to above your waist? Yeah. I think I actually lost a few pounds struggling to get that son of a you-know-what on…and then realized that I wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom because it would be impossible to get it up and down in the confines of a stall. So I didn’t drink anything all night. Not even water. That’s a good time.

Sound familiar? Yeah, I know it does. Well, what would you say if I told you that you could give your Spanx the day off — but still get the slimming, body-shaping, and contouring effect that they provide? You want to hear more, right? Of course you do.

Lisette L Flatterie Fit Pants Lisette L Pants

Readers, meet Lisette L. Lisette L, my readers. Now that you’ve been properly introduced let me tell you how awesome this company is.

Lisette L is the brain child of Lisette Limoges (hence the name, obviously) and her husband. They had this wild idea to…make pants that actually fit. I know what you’re thinking…that’s not exactly an earth-shattering concept. But, actually, it is. We women have been subjected to pants (all clothing, really) that come in simple, standard (cookie-cutter, really) sizes, and we’re supposed to somehow fit into them, regardless of whether we’re 5’2″ or 5’9″, with a lot of curves or quite slender…you get the idea. That’s rather ridiculous, is it not?

I’m happy to announce that Lisette L pants are on the scene, to restore some sanity to our lives, our bodies, and our wardrobe. The secret behind Lisette L’s success is the close-to-the-body effect of their fabric and the amazing pull-on “Flaterie Fit.” Lisette L pants feature neither zippers nor buttons (yippee!), they flatten and flatter, slim the lower abdomen, contour the hips and shape the behind. In a single word, they’re AWESOME.


Lisette L Slimming Capris Lisette L Pants

Lisette L pants accomplish all the things we want (or need!) and don’t leave us feeling as though we’ve been shoved into a sausage casing. Lisette L pants hold you close but they let you breathe, with comfort and mobility in incredibly soft, stretchy fabric. The secret? Their special rayon, nylon, and spandex stretch fabric and uniquely constructed waistband.

I ordered the Straight Leg Cut in Black (the usual). Did I mention that you order a full size down in Lisette L pants? Yeah. So, I ordered a 10 and, boom. Fit. Like. A. Glove. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a picture because, well, truth be told, W is slightly technology-challenged. The first chance I get (when I have a visitor who knows how to use a camera), I will post a photo. I can tell you this, though…when I put them on, W blurted out, “Skinny Minnie!”


Lisette L Pants

Lisette L pants are also available in Boot Cut, Slim Cut (two styles), Ankle Cut (two styles), Capris (four different styles).. They also offer a skirt! And, they offer a great selection of colors, such as Black, White, Navy, Beige, Brown, Olive, Charcoal, Aqua, and Black & White Dots (not all colors are available in every style). Lisette L pants are available in Size 0-16.

These are my new favorite pants. They’re fashionable, reasonably priced, and…yowza, do they make you look good. No, make that great. Awesome, even. Don’t take my word for it…slip into a pair (no, you don’t have to grease up!) and see how you look — and feel. No need to thank me. Thank Lisette L.

In fact, let me take this opportunity to thank Lisette L myself…for making me look great and feel great. It’s a nice feeling to look in the mirror (repeatedly) because you can’t get over how you look. Oh, and I can drink fluids while wearing them because they go up and down with ease. Finally, the perfect, slimming pair of pants!

I encourage you to follow Lisette L on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their awesome products…and you can enter to win a free pair at the Lisette L website, too!

I was not financially compensated for writing this review. Lisette L provided product to facilitate my review. My opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

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