Answer A Gentleman’s Call!

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Ketel One Vodka and GQ share a vision. They want to give one man with one great idea $100,000 to make it a reality. That’s what I call a vision. They refer to it as A Gentleman’s Call.

Ketel One Vodka GQ Gentleman's Call

Ketel One Vodka and GQ know that every now and then, there are some gentlemen who come up with some great ideas…but then, well, life gets in the way. They put that idea on the back burner…only, they never get around to them. They don’t take (or make) the time to bring that idea to fruition.

Hold on a second. Maybe you can. Now…with Ketel One and GQ.

This could be your moment. This could well be your dream. And Ketel One Vodka and GQ want to help make it your reality. It doesn’t matter if your idea is philanthropic, entrepreneurial, or something creative, clever, or crafty — your idea just has to get their attention. It has to be, as they put it, a “noble endeavor.” Ketel One Vodka is looking for style and substance, and they want you to raise the bar. Hence, they want you to answer A Gentleman’s Call.

Let me give you a few examples.

Ian Somerhalder Ketel One Vodka GQ A Gentleman's Call

That’s Ian Somerhalder, who you may know from Vampire Diaries. But that’s not all this gentleman does, folks. He had some lofty ideas — and he made them a reality. Somerhalder is an advocate for animal rights as well as environmental conservation. He has used the resources at his disposal to raise awareness and educate others on issues like dog sledding, shark finning, and Canadian seal hunting. In fact, his ideas became the Ian Somerhalder Foundation ( That’s one gentleman with a noble endeavor, wouldn’t you say? And here’s what Somerhalder has to say about A Gentleman’s Call:

“The idea of a gentleman is one of awareness, confidence, and compassion. Helping to support an initiative that is based on those ideals is an honor and I look forward to seeing the evolution of this quest reach its full potential.”

Ketel One Vodka GQ Adam Garone Movember A Gentleman's Call

Maybe you don’t recognize Adam Garone, but he’s done amazing things with his ideas as well. This gentleman is a former Australian Special Forces Officer who just happened to co-found Movember (, an organization committed to men’s health issues. They’ve only rallied two million people and raised $295 million since 2004. In fact, Garone’s organization is the largest non-governmental program in the world that raises money for prostate cancer research. And here we have another gentleman with yet another noble endeavor.

Are you the next “gentleman” with a noble idea? Now is not the time to be shy or timid…it’s time to answer the call from Ketel One and GQ, to answer A Gentleman’s Call.

One Man. One Idea. One Hundred Grand.

Your idea could be the next $100,000 idea. Don’t let it pass you by, not this time. Submit your idea by July 29 and you just might find yourself turning it into reality.

Ketel One Vodka GQ A Gentleman's Call

About Ketel One Vodka…

With 10 generations of Nolet family distilling passion and expertise, the success of Ketel One is built on one-to-one conversations with the bartending community. Launched in the United States in the early 1980s, Carolus Nolet Sr. was inspired by original recipes and techniques of his ancestors when he created the recipe for and distinctive personality of Ketel One Vodka.

Ketel One Vodka is a sophisticated and crisp, wheat-based, super-premium blend crafted from small batches, using copper pot stills together with modern distilling techniques. The 19th century coal-fired pot still, Pot Still Number 1, otherwise known as ‚ÄúDistilleerketel # 1‚Äù, is one of the pot stills used in the production process and is the inspiration for the name of this Dutch vodka.

Each final production of Ketel One Vodka is approved by a member of the Nolet family prior to bottling.

This post was brought to you by Ketel One Vodka.

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