How dirty are public restrooms?

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I recently had a run-in with a public restroom. A disgusting one. And it got me to thinking…I need to be more vigilant about my public restroom use.

"Dirty Public Toilet"

And I’m not being a ninny, either. Sani-Seat Toilet Seats recommends that, when possible, you use the roll of toilet paper that is within the dispenser (covered) because it hasn’t been exposed to as many germs. And when it you flush (or it flushes for you), lower the lid, if it happens to have one. Or, flush and RUN (for your life, basically)! Why? When toilets flush, they spray water that is full of fecal germs into the air.

Fecal germs. Yummy.

And, when you’re done this disgusting duty in your friendly public restroom, scrub your hands with with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse and repeat. That means wash your hands TWICE. The other day, I washed my hands in a public restroom something like five times. In a row. I’m not kidding. To dry your hands, use a paper towel, then use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and to grab the door handle on your way out of this germ-infested paradise.

"Charmin Sit Or Squat App"

Apparently, I’m not the only person who is obsessive about public restrooms. In fact, there’s an app for that. It’s called Sit or Squat, and it’s brought to you by Charmin. (No, they’re not paying me for this…but they can if they want to. BlogHer sponsorships are available!) The Sit or Squat app is for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. And it’s available in English and Spanish.

Need to go, on the go? SitOrSquat by Charmin can help you find public restrooms near you or where you’re planning to travel. Install SitOrSquat and search, view, rate and add public restrooms to help you, your family and others enjoy the go, on the go.

This could come in mighty (MIGHTY!) handy while I’m in New York City for the BlogHer convention. You have no idea. No, you really don’t. If I only had George Costanza’s gift (he didn’t have many): “Anywhere in the city. I’ll tell you the best public toilet.” (“The Busboy” episode) I’m working on it, though.

You can also check out Sit or Squat at Charmin’s website. In the meantime, enjoy these statistics…

How Dirty Are Public Restrooms?
Infographic by Coverall

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  1. says

    Public restrooms are BAD. Especially when just in the past 6 months, my son and I have caught staph infections around our nether regions. Yep, staph! We will NOT be sitting down on seats anymore without toilet paper or seat covers inbetween our bottoms and the seat, EVER!

  2. says

    I am a man and, supposedly, there is not a big problem for me to use a dirty rest room, but when I want to enter in one as you described, I have nightmares just looking at the toilet handle. Thank you for sharing this great app that I didn’t know existed on iTunes!

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