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Clip my nails? Don’t mind if I do!

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"Man Clipping His Nails"

I was treated to this display at one of my many doctor’s appointments recently. This raises multiple issues:

1. I was unaware that nail clippers were one of those items that people routinely carry around.

2. I generally read or check e-mail on my Blackberry when I’m waiting in a doctor’s office…those seem like acceptable time-killers. Nail-clipping? Not so much.

3. At one point, I thought to myself, “I surely hope those disgusting, filthy nails aren’t flying all over the office.” Luckily, he was thoughtful enough to use a magazine to collect those vile clippings, which brings me to the next issue…

4. Keep your hands off the magazines in the doctor’s office. Who knows what germs, bacteria, and contagion they carry? I mean, this magazine carries the remnants of this man’s delicious fingernails…but the ones on the table next to me could carry the flu, MRSA, or the bubonic plague.

**I must confess, the mere sound of nail-clipping makes me gag. So, I was probably a little over-sensitive to this public display of grooming. But maybe next time I should use my time more wisely and pluck my eyebrows.

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