Hello, Kitty!

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"Hello Kitty Tattoo Ax Murderer"


I think Hello Kitty is cute and all…but what the hell is this tattoo? Why is she wielding a bloody ax? Isn’t that just silly? And a little creepy? Yeah, well, it could be worse. Trust. Me.

"Hello Kitty Jason Tattoo"


For some reason, Hello Kitty dressed up as Jason cracks me up. I mean, I wouldn’t get this tattoo, but it’s just kinda funny. This one, not so much.

"Hello Kitty Lip Tattoo"


Um. What. Let’s ignore how much that had to hurt for a second. I simply don’t get the point of a tattoo on the inside of your lip. No one can see it unless you pull your lip down like so, and, truthfully, that’s not the cutest look. But that’s not even the most extreme Hello Kitty tattoo. Seriously.

"Hello Kitty Religious Tattoo"


That’s a bit much, no? Hello Kitty as Our Lady of Guadalupe? A strange sense of humor indeed. But, hey, I’m not judging…after all, I’ve got this tattoo to discuss:

"Hello Kitty Jesus Tattoo"


Wow. There’s nothing else to really say here. Just…wow. “Hello Kitty is my Jesus.” Is there really anything to say about this? I must say, the authenticity is admirable; what, with the little nail holes and blood dripping from each of her paws. And, I leave you with the cream of the crop of Hello Kitty tattoos…

"Hello Kitty WTF Tattoo"


Yowza. That’s some Hello Kitty heaven, right there.

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  1. says

    Okay – the Hello Kitty Jason one was kinda cool. I don\\\’t know if it\\\’s cool enough to permanently tattoo on my body . . . but yeah. The rest of those are flippin\\\’ scary. 0_o

  2. says

    I love tattoo’s but I only have tattoo’s of things that mean something to me. I have a butterfly with 3 lily pads to represent my three kids, and my kids foot prints from their hospital cards on my leg. I’m not a billboard lol!

  3. Melinda Dartmann says

    Are you kidding me? I have tattoos but this is just stupid!For one: If you believe in Jesus or Our Lady of Guadalupe, why would you diminish the belief with Hello Kitty? Two: This is a made up fad for little girls not adults, get real people and be a little more grown up in your choices. Three: Tattoos are suppose to represent art in some way..this is not a representation of art in any way in my book. I don’t care how much you love Hello Kitty. Grow Up!
    Tattoos can be really beautiful and reflect a persons life, love or beliefs, but these are just childish and unoriginal.

  4. meegan whitford says

    These are catchy kind of reminds me of my sister. When she was 18 she went and got Simba from the lion king tattooed on her inner hip…my mom always told her when she got pregnant simba wouldnt look so cute!

  5. Rosie says

    I’m a fan of Hello Kitty!! I’m not into tattoos tho, esp for children, as I think it could send the message I approve of them. I’m glad I never got one – one of the few things I didn’t do of the many things I did when I was younger that I now regret!!!!!

  6. Leah CB says

    I’m a firm believer in to each his own when it comes to tattoos. But that doesn’t keep me from cracking up & some craziness. The 2 religious Hello Kitty ones, about killed me with laughter. I love Hello Kitty, so whatever floats your boat.

  7. Michelle Henderson says

    It is amazing to me the extremes people will go to prove their love or liking for something/someone. Wow!

  8. Dana Wales says

    Love them all I may not get them but they tell you someone loves something. I have 5 tats I got 2 in october and they are my own design and I just love their meanings!

  9. Renee Travis says

    I have 3 tattoos and I plan to get another. But, as a 45 year old I would never get Hello Kitty tattooed on my body! That is complete nonsense! LOL

  10. Marti Parks says

    Wow. I almost feel a little out of sorts after seeing those. I don’t get them at all. I like Hello Kitty, but these just leave me confused.

  11. Lourdes G says

    I don’t like any. I’m not even a big fan of Hello Kitty. I think people today just want a tattoo they don’t even care what it’s about.

  12. Dana Pugsley says

    Not a fan of Hello Kitty but I feel it is silly to tattoo cartoons ( especially what could be just a fad) onto your body permenantly!

  13. marie channing says

    there really are no words for this but i guess to each his own but do they really know what they r doing ..oh well

  14. Tina says

    I think Hello Kitty is cute but these tattoos are terrible. I guess you have to give it to the people for being creative but I would never ever have one of these tattoos. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year.

  15. sherry warlick says

    Ok. A tatoo under your lip is not very pretty to me. And I like Hello Kitty, but not as a tattoo for an adult.

  16. Julie Wood says

    I like Hello Kitty, but having some of these tattoos to me is awful. Why does that lady want all those tattoos on the side of her body! I think it ruined her looks. No Hello Kitty tattoos for me!

  17. Amber Nara says

    To be honest, I really am ok with Hello Kitty my daughter likes, But this art work is awful and really just silly. Not interesting in the least little bit.

  18. says

    Many young people do this for the shock value . To standout and be different from everyone else. At somepoint they will say to themselves “What the hell was I thinking?!” Many have these Tattoos removed later in life. 😉
    I like Hello Kitty ,but as a sticker or christmas ornament, but thats me. Everyone has his own tastes.

  19. Kathleen Manthey says

    I always thought Hello Kitty was for little girls. This is disgusting in every way! Mocking the brand, religion, and just plain weird. Of course, I am not real open minded on this one, due to the fact that I just don’t like tattoos in general. There are are far better ways to advertise your thoughts (think tees, hoodies, etc). They are PERMANENT and only look worse with age (think wrinkles, sagging, etc). And I could come up with a multitude of more IMPORTANT places to spend your money!! Jsut sayin’…

  20. Charlotte Raynor says

    Hello Kitty might be cute and all, but is she going to be that cute in say 25 years? I think not. Thanks for your review!

  21. Mary Mirvis says

    Ugh do people really not think about their tattoos before they get them permanently etched on their bodies! ??

  22. Marlete L. says

    all these tattoos are hilarious! I personally would never get something like them done but kudos to them lol

  23. Holly S. says

    Just WTF. I love how well thought-out and meaningful these tattoos are. You know, because they’re PERMANENT. Some people should not breed, and methinks you found a group of them.

  24. GayAnn Wright says

    I think some are funny but some are sacrilegious and most of these people will probably end up getting them lazored off or covering with makeup. :0

  25. Laura P. says

    To each his own, I wouldn’t want any of these tattoos personally. I have tattoos and to those who ask about what happens when I sag…well I’m not going to be happy that I’m sagging and bagging anyhow with tattoos or not. I just have a couple small ones but I understand the appeal.

    • says

      I have a few tattoos as well…and I won’t be thrilled when they sag, but they mean something. Of course, to each his own, as many have said. I just don’t get, say, Hello Kitty as Our Lady of Guadalupe or the whole ribcage of Hello Kitty tattoos…wow!
      Kristin recently posted..I said I wanted a boob jobMy Profile

  26. Pamela Halligan says

    Hello Kitty is cute and all, but these tattoos are ridiculous – especially the Virgin Mary Hello Kitty. The lip tattoo must have been painful.

  27. Leslie Galloway says

    Wow! People need to leave that cute kitty just how she is. I like the last one… although I’d have to be really dedicated to Sanrio to get it. hehe

  28. Sara Weekley says

    This is so funny, my 13 yr. old loves anything Hello Kitty but to permanently tattoo it to body let alone like those people did. I would never… I really dislike the Hello Kitty is my Jesus tattoo. I find it did respectful but to each their own. Thank you for this post. =)

  29. Dorothy Boucher says

    i think people make so much out of Hello Kitty, and to do something to there bodies like this.. how sad

  30. Helene Tienda says

    I don’t mind tatoos and I like Hello Kitty, and I know that tattoos are meant as a personal statement, sometimes, but, in my opinion, and it’s just my opinion, these are just a little over the edge.

  31. Chevy Roper says

    I absolutely love Hello Kitty, but this is extreme Kitty obsession. A small NORMAL Hello Kitty I could see, but not this much. Some of these are kinda creepy considering this is a kids icon.

  32. norma chabrouillaud says

    if it make them happy having Hello Kitty tatoo on them so be it but its not my thing.Some were just i dont know and simply WHy?

  33. cathy henatyszen says

    only a few of these are decent tats… I guess i’m just not into hello kitty tats… hehe

    I like nice tats, and have seen a few… but not brave enough to get one…

  34. Denise McDonuts says

    I have loads of tattoos!!!

    I don’t, well most of the time I don’t judge people and their tattoos. But these? Geeze?!

    The lip one looks totally fake.. HAHA

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