American Idol: And then there were 8

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What in the hell is Jennifer Lopez wearing? Oh, that’s gonna be on Fashion Police (and rightly so).

Nicki Minaj will be performing tonight as will former American Idol Scotty McCreery. Big announcement: Ryan Seacrest informed the world that Aerosmith will be kicking off their new tour soon. That is amazing that he will be able to perform like that, over the long haul. I love Steven Tyler, don’t get me wrong…it’s just his age, his body, the demands of a tour…but I wish him well. I do love the guy.

"American Idol Season 12"


Deandre Brackensick got the surprise of his life when Eric Benet appeared onstage to surprise Deandre. That was sweet. We were then treated to footage of the contestants moving into the American Idol mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Oh. My. God. That was insane. Somehow, Deandre got the huge, single room. Yeah, that’s fair.

Ryan Seacrest called up Elise Testone, Phillip Phillips, and Hollie Canvanagh to hand out the first round of results. Jimmy Iovine said Elise was a dark horse, but after the Led Zeppelin performance, she is not anymore. Jimmy also referred to Phillip as “flawless.” Here we go. Wow, Hollie was sent to a stool of insecurity! Phillip is on the safety couch, as is Elise. I knew it.

Time for Nicki Minaj. OK, I was totally disinterested until she plugged her album (it’s coming out next week, as though I care) and then asked if she could be a guest judge on American Idol! Wow. The cajones on this gal. Ryan Seacrest deferred to the judges and, of course, Randy Jackson was very chummy (because he’s a power player, ya know) and then Jennifer Lopez commented that she didn’t know if there was enough room there for both of them. That was cute.

Colton Dixon, Josh Ledet, and Heejun Han were then called up to hear that fate. Jimmy Iovine said Colton was good, but “not good enough.” As far as Josh was concerned, Jimmy said  that getting emotional hurt his performance. Jimmy then said Heejun simply doesn’t sing as well as the other 8 American Idol contestants. Oof. Anywho, Colton was sent to the safety couch. Josh snagged a safety cushion, too. Heejun was placed in the Bottom 3 (again, rightly so).

Scotty McCreery then performed. Ugh. I could not dislike country music more. Jimmy Iovine then presented Scotty with his platinum record. That was a nice moment. I think he was the first singer whose debut album went platinum or something.

Ryan Seacrest then called up Skylar Laine, Deandre Brackensick, and Jessica Sanchez. Jimmy Iovine was not thrilled with Skylar’s performance the night before and is 50/50 on Deandre. Jessica was safe. Duh. Deandre was also safe…and Skylar was sent over to a stool (which she couldn’t seem to scoot up onto, might I mention).

Oh boy. So, Skylar, Heejun, and Hollie are onstage with Ryan Seacrest to find out who loses their bed in the mansion. Skylar is declared safe.

***drum roll***

"American Idol Heejun Eliminated"


Heejun is eliminated! Then, in a wise move, he chose to sing the same song he sang the night before. No way are the judges going to save him. No. Way.

And the judges decided…NO SAVE! Thank you, judges. At least someone is using their head!

FYI: New hashtag for American Idol: #telljimmy (as in tell Jimmy Iovine)

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  1. mylatiu says

    I love watching American Idol!!!Especiallt Now One of Them is Filipina!!!! Go Miss Sanchez!!!!! More Power

  2. says

    American Idol is a rocking talent show! I love it. And JLo makes it even more glamorous. She looks stunning in whatever she wears. I think it’s all about the way you carry yourself. :)

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