American Idol: The hammer falls…hard

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Wow. American Idol is really taking it to the next level with over-the-top dramatics! The opening segment was a bit much. As was the fluorescent pink gown on Jennifer Lopez.

"American Idol 2012 Top 10"


The Top 10 then sang “For the Longest Time” as a group. It was actually quite good — except for the moment when the camera showed former American Idol contestant Casey Abrams in the audience. That made me sad.

But then I had to watch another Ford music video and I got even sadder. Snoozefest. Ryan Seacrest then announced that tonight’s elimination was important because the Top 9 would get to move into the American Idol mansion, which is “really cool.” He then admitted that all mansions were cool. Really, Ryan? Yeah, the rest of America doesn’t know about that. Thanks, though, for the heads-up.

Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, and Elise Testone were called up first. Hollie was declared safe, as was Skylar. Shocker! (Hint: It’s not, in spite of Jimmy Iovine not being terribly keen on Hollie’s performance the night before.) Elise (who Ryan Seacrest mentioned was in the bottom 3 for the last two weeks) was then told she could head over to the couch, aka “safety zone.”

Lana Del Ray was one of the evening’s performers. She’s interesting. But not interesting enough to make me go buy her CD. Let’s get back to results, please.

Whoa. What in the world is going on here? Joe Perry (of Aerosmith) appeared out of nowhere to play the guitar as everyone sang “Happy Birthday.” That was…interesting, given the dynamics of their relationship. Joe then joined the judges at the table. What? Are there no rules here?

"American Idol Mentor Interscope Jimmy Iovine"


Jimmy Iovine was not liking the performances of Deandre Brackensick and Josh Ledet. Eek. He gave Jessica Sanchez all As, though. Jessica quickly made it to safety, as did Josh. Uh oh. Deandre is on a stool of insecurity.

Former American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart then performed “Free.” Don’t get me wrong — I like her a lot — but I still don’t know that she’s ready for the “big show.” She still gives off a vibe like she’s a contestant, not a performer.

More results: Erika Van Pelt, Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, and Colton Dixon. Jimmy Iovine said that Heejun disrespected the song, that Steven Tyler was upset with his performance (and rightly so), and said he earned a “D” for the performance. Then he mentioned that Interscope has to spend a lot of money on whoever wins American IdolĀ …and apparently that’s not going to be Heejun. Ouch.

Colton was placed on the safety couch while Erika was sent to a stool of insecurity. What?!? Phillip is safe but Heejun took the third stool of insecurity. Yeah, like I didn’t see that coming. (Hint: I did.)

It’s down to the wire now, which is always a sweet spot for Ryan Seacrest. Deandre was sent back to the couch. Ryan then announced that Erika had been eliminated and that Heejun was, in fact, safe. WHAT?!?!?!

"American Idol Elimination Erika Van Pelt"

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So, Erika “sang for her life” and the judges could be seen shaking their heads, as if in disbelief. I’m in disbelief. There is no way in hell this woman should be sent home while Heejun is moving into the American Idol mansion. I call BS. Come on, judges, use that save!

What. The. Hell.

The judges passed, sending Erika home! Are you kidding me?

Jimmy Iovine said Jessica Sanchez and Josh Ledet were the two horses in this American Idol race…and said Colton Dixon might be the third horse in the race! Wow. That’s not how I see it but, hey, I’m not Jimmy Iovine.

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  1. ciara says

    i’m with jimmy on his top 3. did i see erika going home? yes, i did. she had this attitude at the beginning that was a little off-putting, and she’s a bit old (by industry and people’s standards). how many times had she been in the bottom 3? you knew she was going home. people like heejun for his personality, he’s going to hang around maybe another show or two. here’s the thing, last night’s bottom 3 wouldn’t ever make it to the top 5. they would all go home eventually, including heejun, it just wasn’t his turn last night. top 5 for me and not necessarily in this order 1. jessica 2. joshua 3. colton 4. hollie 5. a toss up between phillip and hollie. (i’m one of those who didn’t jump on the phillip phillip’s train. i don’t like his growl singing). i say the judges might use their save on elise, but she’ll go home despite the save before the top 5. she’s the oldest, and people aren’t loving her either. i will say that i liked erika’s hair though.

    • says

      I believe she was in the Bottom 3 once before. I really hope you’re right with the top 5. However, I have a feeling Skylar will do better than you predict. Country singers on AI? Whew. It’s a cakewalk. If the judges save Elise, I will hit the roof. I think she sings well (not spectacularly, mind you) but I don’t think people like her personality. I would love to see Joshua make it far in the competition, but I don’t know that his style will be a hit over the long run with voters. I love him, though.
      Kristin recently posted..$50 Starbucks Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  2. says

    I think they just don’t get Heejun. I think he probably takes it very seriously, but uses the comedy bits to cover up his insecurities. The song wasn’t great, but I do like him, and I thought it was fun that his personality came out.

    • says

      Karen, you might be dead-on. Unfortunately, the viewers aren’t going to be giving it that much analysis (as you or I would). He got harsh feedback from just about everyone (but mainly from Steven and Jimmy) and I don’t think he’s going to recover if he doesn’t get his act together. I do like him, though, I just think his antics are going to be his downfall. Hopefully I’m wrong.
      Kristin recently posted..Dancing With the Stars: Best season yet?My Profile

    • says

      I was wondering the same thing about her makeover! I really can’t offer any explanation, because it makes no sense to me. This might be one of those occasions when you have to really question voter behavior…how many people are voting for someone because they think they need help, how many people are NOT voting for someone because they think they’re obviously safe, etc.
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