American Idol: What the…

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The show opened with Ryan Seacrest announcing that an American Idol contestant had been eliminated due to information they had learned “with the help of law enforcement.”

What. The. Hell.

And, of course, Ryan Seacrest is going to keep us in suspense for a while. Damn you, Seacrest!

This week, the American Idol contestants have to sing a song from the year they were born. That means songs between 1983 and 1995. Will. I. Am. (is that even how you write it out?) is this week’s mentor.

Phillip Phillips was up first, apparently fresh off of kidney surgery. What. The. Hell. Between that and the footage of his dad telling the story about how he almost died as a baby…he just moved up a few notches in my book. Oh, and he’s a great musician. That doesn’t hurt. He did very well.

"American Idol 2012 Season 11 Judges Steven Tyler"

I hate that I’m about to say this, but Steven Tyler looks so damn cool, it’s ridiculous. What is he, like 67? I’m not a groupie or anything (give me Nikki Sixx any day, I say) but he looks good, plain and simple.

Next up: Jessica Sanchez, 16, with a Gloria Estefan song. That was insane. This girl is light years ahead of the rest of the American Idol competition. Strangely, the judges were not over the moon for her performance. Boo.

Heejun Han then hit the stage. He sang a Richard Marx song and, unfortunately, didn’t put forth his best performance. His voice seemed weak and scratchy and he was “breathy.” Randy Jackson said he was “pitchy all over the place” and seemed to be out of breath. This does not bode well for him.

Time for Elise Testone, with “Let’s Stay Together.” Before her performance, American Idol did a little “sing off,” comparing Barack Obama and Elise singing the opening. (I still want to hear Obama sing the whole song.) She did great, the judges loved it, and I predict she’ll make it through the elimination round.

Deandre Brackensick then sang “Endless Love.” I liked it — wasn’t blown away, mind you — but the judges were insistent that it was a poor song choice (on the part of Jimmy Iovine and Will. I. Am., so why must the judges keep saying it?). Ugh. That’s real useful advice.

During the mentoring session with Shannon Magrane, Jimmy Iovine very cleverly squeezed in a full-on ad for some HTC phone by AT&T. Seriously. I’m not making this up. I was kinda bored with Shannon’s performance, as I usually am. The judges thought she did great. So, once again, one of us is way off base.

Colton Dixon was up next (we’re running out of options for who was eliminated…which is basically my focus for the episode). He did well but he tends to look better than he sings. But, hey, Mark McGrath turned that into a career, didn’t he? So, there’s definitely a market for this talent.

And then there was Erika Van Pelt. She sang “Heaven,” a Bryan Adams song (one that I love) and I thought it was pretty darn good. I did not like the break with the band — the arrangement that was orchestrated by Jimmy Iovine — nor did the judges. That’s really fair that the judges hold that against her, when she was coached to do that. Randy Jackson basically told her that she shouldn’t have listened to him. Um, OK. Try telling Jimmy Iovine no.

"American Idol Jermaine Jones Eliminated Warrants"

So, it turns out that Jermaine Jones was eliminated from the competition because he has four outstanding warrants. We were treated to footage that showed him meeting with American Idol producers who confronted him about police reports, his giving false names to police, and basically withholding all this information. Come on, dude. Like no one was gonna tell on him?

Skylar Laine sang a Bonnie Raitt song. I don’t know what happened but it seemed like she was drowned out by the instruments and the background singers. The judges thought she did great. Here we go again.

Josh Ledet then performed “When a Man Loves a Woman” (the Michael Bolton version). I really, really like this kid. And wow…he killed it! I literally (yes, I’m using that correctly) got chills. That was truly an emotional moment.

Hollie Cavanagh ended the show and she did well but, again, I wasn’t blown away. The judges were pretty pleased, though.

So, who do you predict will get eliminated Thursday night?

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  1. Debbie Painter says

    Not sure who will get eliminated, Kristen, but I sure agree with you about Steven Tyler, I just love this guy!!! I loved your run-down of the night, Great Job!!! Deb

    • says

      Thanks, Deb! As far as Steven Tyler…I know. The only thing that makes me cringe is when they show him walking across the stage. He has such horrible problems with his feet (and legs, I guess)…his knees are bent inward and he looks awfully arthritic. At those moments, it’s easy to go, “Oh, yeah, that’s right. He’s a senior citizen.” But, when he sits down, he just exudes rocker cool!
      Kristin recently posted..Ah-choo PandaMy Profile

  2. says

    I think Heejun, Shannon, and Deandre are probably in trouble. I do like Colton, and think he did pretty good, and I liked Skylar too. Phillip was awesome! I thought Hollie did well, until the last note. She fell and busted her butt at the end, like told her not to do, lol! Also, most people on my FB disagree with me, but I wasn’t feeling Joshua. It just didn’t work for me. He was in the bottom three last week, but maybe it was enough to keep him safer this week? idk. I usually like Jessica, but didn’t love last night. I’m almost wondering if all the “you may win it all” praise made her over-confident or something?

    • says

      I don’t know if America wants a musician like Joshua (I get the feeling he’d be like a Luther Vandross)…which is a shame. He definitely has talent. I don’t know what the deal is with Jessica except that she hit a peak with her Whitney Houston performance last week…and it’s hard to improve on that. I don’t know how any performance will be better than that, which will make it appear like she’s disappointing each week. She could definitely suffer as a result. You’re right, all the glowing praise can’t be a good thing, either.
      Kristin recently posted..Plug your giveaway with this plug-inMy Profile

      • says

        I agree about Joshua, he is definitely talented, and he does sound a lot like Luther!

        Jessica may be in trouble too. She is so good for her age, especially. I hope she didn’t peak so early that she can’t recover. Was it last year they had the ballad girl (Pia maybe?)? I remember it being annoying that that was ALL she sang, but I think Steven was right, Jessica is definitely better at those, and should stick closer to them. They almost always start to decline when they consistently tell them (too early on) that they are a favorite to win. I think there are 6 of them that are serious contenders to win right now, if they keep it together and are very careful with song choice, and nail each performance.

  3. says

    Hey There! I’m your new triberr buddy. I’m not quite sure will get eliminated. I know I was excited for the “gentle giant” to come back. But now I guess not. Warrants for your arrest…meh. But I know who I like. I like Jessica Sanchez. I mean I normally don’t root for the 16 year old in the competition because I just don’t think things should be handed to today’s teens, but she is really good. I mean I got chills watching her sing I will always love you.
    The person eliminated is never who I think it will be.
    Heather recently posted..What Are You Pinning?My Profile

  4. says

    Firstly, I should say I don’t appreciate the rudeness/disrespect within this post as well as certain comments already here. There’s way too much of that going around, lately.

    So… now that this American Idol week has come to a close (for viewers), I now know that America was wrong. The wrong person was eliminated. Shannon (and several of the others) got 2/2 votes from me. I missed last week so I’m not counting it. Skylar is the only one who got 0/2 votes from me.

    When Jimmy was working with Shannon, that was NOT a “full~on ad” he did. It was simply a ‘plug’ on a new music related product. It wasn’t for the HTC phone. It was for a speaker that works with the HTC. It was a great time for him to do the plug, too.

    It’s doubtful that someone/anyone “told on” Jermaine Jones. The requirements of the show/competition are what they are. This particular requirement is a great one. It’s more likely that someone involved with law enforcement saw him on the show and recognized him and it went on from there.

    • says

      Brian, I’m not sure what rudeness/disrespect you gleaned from my article. I don’t think I was either. I disagree with your assessment that Jimmy Iovine did NOT do an ad for AT&T. He did. That was pretty clear. In fact, Fox put up the AT&T logo when he did it. But, whatever…they pay for their advertising. I just found it odd.

      As for someone telling on Jermaine Jones, I still assert that they did. Apparently, Fox doesn’t do their own background checks or he wouldn’t have gotten this far. If a law enforce,ent officer saw him and recognized him and contacted AI, isn’tthat telling on him? Imnot sure why you are taking such offense to what was written. It’s never meant maliciously.

      But, thank you for reading…and taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment.
      Kristin recently posted..American Idol: Who DIDN’T make it into the Top 10?My Profile

    • says

      I don’t think any of us meant any disrespect to anyone, we were just giving our opinions on the show.

      My husband and I both laughed at the ad for the phone. Yes, it fit with what he was doing, and I certainly understand the need for advertisement. We weren’t offended by it by any means, it’s just that he seemed a little unnatural in the presentation of it, and it made us chuckle.

      In regards to the wrong person, I think America got it exactly right. She did poorly 2 weeks in a row, and then made a horrible choice for her “save” song. If it was bad the first time you did it, don’t sing it again, and do it even worse. If you want to have a chance at them even considering using the save this early on, pick a song you are confident you can sing well, and have your “moment”.

      My husband isn’t a big country fan, so he doesn’t really care for Skylar either, but I adore her. I think she is going to do really well in that genre, and if she gets it together with the perfect song, she’ll have her “moment” soon too.

      Who knows how they found out about Jermaine, in some interviews he says they did background checks and found out “some” stuff early on and made him take care of it before he could be brought back. But, apparently some of the other issues were under the false names so they didn’t show up. I think Kristen is right, law enforcement probably recognized him and contacted them. Apparently there were other issues at play too regarding the false stories about his dad and his being rude and disrespectful to staffers. I do have empathy for the guy, he could sing, but you have to know if you go on a show like this that people will be digging into your background, so you have to come completely clean on your problems ahead of time.

  5. says

    thank you for your run down on the show. I am not watching either this year- I have gotten hooked on The Voice and have found it a refreshing

    As far as the comment on disrespectful comments? Um… hello. This is Kristin’s site- she is reporting on her feelings/opinions, and how she interpreted it. I personally feel you -the one commenting was rude.
    Thanks again Kristin!
    Becky Willis recently posted..Twitter BlastMy Profile

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