American Idol: The first to fall

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The American Idol results show opened with a group performance of a Stevie Wonder song that wasn’t mind-blowing but actually gelled quite nicely when the 13 sang together. But the solos? Not so great.

"American Idol Jessica Sanchez"

First up: Elise Testone, Hollie Cavanagh, and Jessica Sanchez (whose  “I Will Always Love You” Jimmy Iovine called the best performance ever on American Idol). Jessica and Hollie are safe; Elise is in jeopardy. Not surprised.

Ryan Seacrest then brought up Jermaine Jones, Colton Dixon, and Heejun Han. Ryan began (yes, dramatically), “Colton, America did not like what they saw…”

“They loved it!” (I hate it when Ryan Seacrest acts like a douchebag.) So Colton made his way to the couch, and Heejun joined him. Jermaine squeezed into a stool, in the bottom 3. Again, I’m not that surprised.

Guest Lauren Alaina (last season’s runner-up) then performed a song that is apparently called “Georgia Peaches.” Enough already with all this country music.

Let’s get to some more results, American Idol. Skylar Laine, Erika Van Pelt, and Shannon Magrane took their spots on stage. Skylar was safe — the other two rounded out the bottom trio of girls.

Josh Ledet, Deandre Brackensick, Phillip Phillips, and Jeremy Rosado then learned their fate. Phillip was safe, as was Deandre. Josh and Jeremy each grabbed a stool. Ryan Seacrest then stood between the guys and girls and before cutting to a commercial, he informed Josh and Erika that they could head over to the couches, aka the zone of safety. Couches=good, stools=bad.

"American Idol Jermaine Jones Ryan Seacrest"

Mary J. Blige then performed…let’s move on to the results already. The four remaining contestants were brought up on stage. Ryan Seacrest announced Jermaine’s name first and then stepped right up to Jermaine, who asked outright what his card said. Ryan told him he was safe and Jermaine began clapping and took his spot among the other contestants and kept carrying on…which I felt was in bad taste. I get that you’re excited to be safe and all, but there’s three people on stage who are petrified to get bad news. Come on, dude. Shannon was also sent over to the couches, leaving Elise and Jeremy.

The judges’ decision was announced by…Jennifer, which was cruel. She was definitely not comfortable (and never has been) delivering bad news but she managed to inform Jeremy that his run on American Idol had come to an end. Oh well. I’m not terribly surprised, because I never thought he was all that great.

On a side note, Jimmy Iovine made a remark about how God mass-produces millions of people — “too many in my opinion” — which was rather odd yet honest and amusing.

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  1. Doris Calvert says

    I love your review’s on Idol, I am Canadaian but we never miss a show if we can help it and love Simons new show as well, I think Jessica Sanchez was incredible and her life changed forever the other night!!! Who is your favorite so far? Also Jimmy’s comments the other night, kind of strange it’s as if he is suppose to be taking Simons place for the mean comments, why is he saying anything? Is he a judge now? The contestant that rubs me the wrong way is the country singer and I can’t remember her name, she is a good singer but for some reason irritates me because she thinks she is already a star! Can’t wait for your review next week:)

    • says

      Thanks, Doris!!! I agree, Jimmy Iovine’s comments are a tad odd this season. He’s being a little more edgy and providing more of his real opinion than he has previously. Jessica Sanchez’s performance Wednesday night made her one of my favorites. I also like Phillip Phillips, but I fear he’s not diverse enough, performance-wise, to keep the viewers interested. He reminds me of Casey from last season…he was way talented, but his whole shtick (my new word LOL) was the same thing, week after week. People got tired of it. I think that could happen to Phillip. That being said, the country singer (Skylar Laine) has a commanding stage presence and she can be a star without winning this competition. She is very confident, knows who she is, and has a lot of talent — plus she can perform. I am tired of all the country singers!!!

      As for my favorite, wow. I don’t really have one standout. The ones that get my attention on stage are Heejun, Jessica, Phillip, and Erika. Remember Jacob (the gospel singer) from last season? I thought he had an incredible voice…but he got old for the viewers, too, which I suspect will happen to Josh Ledet this year.
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