Spring Fashionista Giveaway: Say Hello Diamond Earrings!

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  1. Dianna Thomas says

    I love the web site– I had to go back a second time — and drool, and wish– left my comments here–http://keenlykristin.com/2012/02/29/say-hello-to-your-new-best-friend/#comment-13939

  2. darlene bohannon says

    i think the diamond earring are very pretty and just the right size.i sure hope i can win these. thank you for the opportunity

  3. Christine says

    I love how the cut of the “fake” stone can make it look like a diamond. More facets = more sparkle.

  4. Christine says

    Great review and they look gorgeous! May not be able to afford the real thing, but these come very close. Thank you!

  5. Heather Tarver says

    I love how they pull off looking like the real thing, even though they are still way out of my budget! I hope I win a pair of my own!

  6. Jennifer P says

    Your review makes me really really want a pair of their earrings! And the price and quality are just right! Please let me win…please let me win.. please let me win….. ….

  7. Monica says

    when it comes to diamonds it must be simple..these studs are perfect! also, the fact that they are not real is a major plus..our house was broken into yesterday and there are people out there that will take anything you have of value!

  8. Mildred Floyd says

    I think you have presented these earings in a way to make me want them.
    okay i would really like some good earings. I dont have any that I can keep in my ears for more than a couple of days without an alergic reaction. The last time i had a pair of expensive earings i had them in for over a year. (then i lost one…aarrgh).

  9. Stacey Taubel says

    LOVE these. I used to own something similar. And by past tense I mean I lost one :( I’d love to replace them!

  10. kim c says

    I liked learning about the process used to make a replica diamond meet the rigid criteria of Say Hello Diamonds.

  11. Barbara R. says

    I have always wanted diamond earrings. These would be affordable and beautiful to wear. I do not think anyone would guess that they are not real.

  12. says

    I have to say these are just so awesome …. I would love to have these and not have to worry about losing them (although I know that would be crushing too) but they really do have some really nice (really nice) stuff. Thanks for sharing AND for an opportunity to have our own pair!

  13. Amanda Alvarado says

    Not sure if i was supposed to post a reply on this post or the review post so I’ll copy & paste here too! :-) Wow I love those dangle ear rings you posted up on the review! I can’t believe they aren’t real!

  14. Amanda Green says

    I like the 70% off code! lol Thanks for the awesome giveaways and your review was fun to read and the hanging earrings are precious!

  15. sandy says

    Oh boy, these are so pretty and I am with you I probably won’t be lucky enough to win them, but a girl could hope. I just love sparkly jewelry. Your review was just wonderful as are all of your reviews.

    Thank you!!

  16. ashlee walls says

    Thank you for the opportunity. The earrings are beautiful and obviously have a great sparkle quality since you had such a hard time getting the pic of them.

  17. Cley says

    Diamonds are really girl’s bestfriend! Surely, many of girls out there would want to win this. Thanks for sharing! Good job!

  18. says

    Wow, these earings look like they can pass for real. It was really generous of Hello Diamonds to offer the 70% off. I think I may have to go shopping. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  19. Mary Baker says

    70% is a huge discount!! Thanks! I had not heard of these before, and they look beautiful, although it is very hard to tell in pictures!

  20. gina says

    They have some pretty amazing earrings & stuff there, but the rings are so amazingly gorgeous, I cant believe the prices are so low for such quality replica diamond jewelry.

  21. Linda Kwolek says

    Wowm a 3 step process before they can be called “hello Diamonds” Now that’s a stick criteria to uphold. P.S. the brilliance of the diamonds shown in the box nearly blinded me…Gorgeous.

  22. Linda R says

    The earrings are beautiful and love the price tag and the discount they offered to your reader is great. I think I might give myself and early Mother’s day present.

  23. Julie B. says

    I like their rigorous inspection process, and I’m sure it makes for very high quality products (and does, from what I can tell!)

  24. Debbie R says

    When I first looked at your page I thought to myself “What a pretty set of diamond earrings.” Then I began to read your review, when you stated they were faux, I couldn’t believe it.

    They look just like real diamonds. After reading further into you review and learning about the battery of tests the stones got through I can see why they look so high quality. Than you for bringing this company to my attention.

  25. Helene Tienda says

    I’m not a big fan of “Replica” Diamonds, but it would be interesting to see how well they match up to real diamonds. Maybe I’ll get that chance!?!? Thanks for your giveaway!

  26. Jeanna says

    Wow! I didn’t know there was a 3-step process and a test of the diamond in order for it to be make into something! That’s intense, but will make a good quality piece of jewelry!

  27. Heather Everson says

    Sweet discount code they have you! I love the savings. The earrings are beautiful. I had no idea about the “shaking” process!

  28. desiree says

    this would be late bd gift to me i would love to wear them they go with the necklace i got for my bd

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