American Idol: The Final Judgment

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This is it. The final episode before American Idol is live. I’m exhausted, how about you?

"American Idol 2012 Judges"

So, we last saw Adam Brock in the hot seat, breaking down, getting all weepy and sentimental. The judges really dragged out the BS for the sake of drama. However, they very kindly didn’t correct him when he said,  “It’s the most complex thing to sum up in three words: I have to sing.” It made me a little batty, though. He’s in the Top 24.

Jeremy Rosado was next. A very likable guy but he wasn’t exactly a standout, in my opinion. He made it. The next contestant was Shannon Magrane, 16, who forgot her lyrics during the Hollywood Week group performance but got a standing ovation from the judges during her solo performance of “What a Wonderful World.” (If you’ve forgotten, this is the girl from the awkward American Idol audition when Steven Tyler made the reference about her being “hot, humid, and happening” in front of her father). She got a spot in the Top 24.

Next up was Scott Dangerfield, a guy of whom I have zero recollection. He did not get a spot. He walked off and remarked, “It is what it is.” Ugh. Country singer Skylar Laine made her way to the hot seat for the verdict. The judges refer to her as a “little Reba” and gave her a spot on Season 11. Boo.

In short order, American Idol show us that Hallie Day snagged a spot. Chase Likens also made it, as did Aaron Marcellus. All these contestants? Not terribly enticing for me.

It was then Deandre Brackensick’s turn (love the name). Spot in the Top 24. Jermaine Jones then learned his fate. He was sent home. It was very emotional. The judges even took it kinda hard.

Shelby TwetenHolly CavanaghAriel Sprague took the hot seat as a trio. That was a little awkward, to say the least, since only Holly got a spot in the Top 24.

OK. We have two boys left — David Leathers and Eben Franckewitz but only one spot. David and Eben took the stage together. Oh man. Eben was granted a spot on American Idol and David was sent home. I actually wanted to cry for the kid. He’s super talented, he truly is.

"American Idol Season 11"

The episode ended with Steven Tyler undressing (to his boxer briefs) so he could jump into the pool of water surrounding the stage. Not a pretty sight.

Ryan Seacrest then let us know that the judges decided to reinstate one of four rejected male contestants (either cowboy Richie Law, baritone Jermaine Jones, David Leathers, or another guy I don’t remember), effectively turning the Top 24 into the Top 25. Breaking rules all over the place. We’ll learn which one made it on Tuesday. Can’t wait.

Note to Jennifer Lopez: Please stop saying “gooseys” to refer to goosebumps. That cuteness ship has sailed.

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