Nutrisystem when you’re sick — does it matter?

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Yes! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t stick to Nutrisystem when you’re sick — unless you’re just looking for an excuse to cheat.

I’ve been sick for the last two weeks or so (although it feels like it’s been much longer) and one of the last things I want to think about is my daily diet. After all, I spend the majority of my time sleeping or lying in bed…and taking a variety of medications to try to cure whatever I have (jury’s still out on that)…and, overall, trying to not be miserable.

So, being sick, I haven’t really given much thought to what I’m eating (or not eating) and figured who needs Nutrisystem when you’re sick. So, when W decides to bring home a milkshake for me (he did that twice this week) because it makes my throat feel better, I throw my hands up in the air and go, “Who cares? I’m sick, after all!”

Now, that doesn’t mean I ate ice cream and washed it down with milkshakes every day, because I didn’t. But drinking two big milkshakes — regardless of the reason — in a week (especially since I never drink milkshakes, ever) sure can’t be good.

So, when I weighed myself and realized I had gained 0.6 pounds (which puts me at 26.4 pounds lost), I was little bummed. But, I knew what the problem was (obviously!): I figured who needs Nutrisystem when you’re sick?

But then I realized I hadn’t really been eating properly, period. Sure, I eat my Nutrisystem meals and drink the shakes, but am I still working the program 100%?

So, I re-acquainted myself with the program — which is never a bad thing to do when you feel like you’ve plateaued — and realized that I was slipping here and there. I’d been skipping afternoon snacks…not eating enough vegetables…sometimes eating my power fuels at the wrong time…what the heck!?!?

So now I have one of my menu pages on my fridge as a reminder of what to eat and when. And, we’re all stocked up with low-fat cheese and yogurt and fruit and veggies, too!

And, once I’m back on my feet, I don’t have to try to remember what I’m supposed to be eating and when, because Nutrisystem provided me with a handy dandy reference card that I can keep in my purse (no excuses!!). And, yes, it does matter when it comes to sticking to Nutrisystem when you’re sick!

This is it…the home stretch…and there’s no reason I shouldn’t be making as much of an effort now as I was when I started!

Nutrisystem When You're Sick | Nutrisystem Success Program

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