Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

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Guilty pleasure — Something an individual enjoys and takes pleasure in despite feeling guilty for enjoying it. The “guilt” is generally the fear of being discovered for having low-brow or embarrassing taste in music, movies, TV shows, food, etc.

I spend a lot of nights lying in bed, unable to sleep…struggling to find something worth watching on TV. Between the infomercials and the crappy TV shows, it makes insomnia absolutely unbearable.

This probably won’t make me terribly popular among pop culture addicts but…I am not a fan of Adult Swim. I am also not a fan of Nick at Nite. In fact, their late-night lineup of TV shows makes me want to puke. George Lopez? The Nanny? My Wife and Kids? I have never been so tired that these shows become tolerable.

And TV Land? They’re no better…not only do they also feature The Nanny, but they shove four back-to-back episodes of King of Queens down my throat. And that’s after five episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Really, TV Land? There aren’t enough TV shows to choose from in the annals of TV history? You’re practically doing marathons of these two every night? Come on already.

Which leads me to this list of guilty pleasure TV shows…my choice of shows that wouldn’t make me quite so batty (any battier than I already am) when I have insomnia.

  1. Mork & Mindy
  2. Beverly Hillbillies
  3. Facts of Life
  4. Laverne & Shirley
  5. Alf
  6. Family Ties
  7. Bosom Buddies
  8. Three’s Company
  9. My Favorite Martian
  10. Soap

These are in no particular order, mind you. They can juggle these shows in any order they choose to fill the schedule between midnight and 5 a.m. Man oh man. Wouldn’t a lineup of these guilty pleasure TV shows make insomnia not quite so terrible?

I’ll go you one further…why aren’t these TV shows (save for Three’s Company, of course) being re-run regularly for our viewing pleasure? Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a list of top-notch TV shows or under-rated TV shows…it’s a potential lineup of guilty pleasure TV shows that would make those sleepless nights somewhat tolerable.

If the late-night lineup was full of the great ones…I would stay awake intentionally for the sole purpose of watching those TV shows.

How about you? Any guilty pleasure TV shows that you wish you could find at 3 a.m.?

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  1. Christina says

    Love your list. I adore Alf lol and I still say Three’s Company is one of my favorite shows.

    Hmm.. could I think of 10 (8 more) – Mr. Belvedere, Beverly Hills 90210, Rosanne, Punky Brewster, Kate & Allie, Life Goes On, My Two Dads … ack, can’t think of one last one LOL

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