A few Friday the 13th tattoo ideas…

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Friday the 13th is always fun, right? It’s scary and creepy and superstitious and all that and, believe it or not, it can be a popular theme for tattoos. By that, I mean “13” is a popular image…but it turns out that Friday the 13th, as in the movie, is also a popular tattoo theme. Who knew?

Friday The 13th Tattoo Jason


Yikes. That’s kinda creepy. As is this:

Friday The 13th Tattoo Jason Voorhees


That is amazing…although I would never be able to tolerate all that ink. Eek. (Yes, I’m a baby when it comes to tattoos…don’t judge me.) I could deal with this, I think:

Jason Voorhees Mask | Friday The 13th Tattoo


That’s pretty cool and not overwhelming. I love the blood splatter around the mask. Without a doubt, however, this is my favorite…

Hello Kitty Jason Mask | Friday The 13th Tattoo


Isn’t that adorable? I could totally see myself getting that tattoo. Now if only I could get Hello Kitty in the Michael Myers mask (the original, of course)…

Speaking of Hello Kitty, here are some Hello Kitty tattoos…and Michael Myers, here are some good Halloween tattoos as well as some bad Halloween tattoos. And, while we’re at it, why not talk about the Halloween movie franchise?

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  1. WAHMSha says

    The first tat IS creepy but it looks pretty bad too (craftsmanship that is!). Second one – I kinda like. NOT for me but I like it! Very creative and good detail. 3rd one is simple but gets the point across and Determined Momma is right… they WILL turn Hello Kitty into ANYTHING! LoL

  2. Summer Davis says

    The Hello Kitty one is HILARIOUS! I have 5 tattoos and will be getting a 1/4 sleeve really soon. It is going to be the state flower from every state I’ve ever lived in (Alaska, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama). I LOVE TATTOOOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!

    My largest one is an enormous tree that takes up my entire right side. It’s beautiful but they did the outline AND the color in one day for 5.5 hours. It was brutal.

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