The Jerry Sandusky Defense: Everyone is Lying

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"Jerry Sandusky Scandal Mugshot"

Jerry Sandusky and his attorney, Joseph Amendola, have raised an issue that, before now, didn’t even cross my mind. Everyone is lying. Literally everyone. The alleged victims. Mike McQueary. The janitor. The grand jury. The investigators. The attorney general.

Lies. All lies.

Which, as Bob Costas pointed out in his shocking interview Monday night, would make Jerry Sandusky the unluckiest, most persecuted man ever.

On Monday night, Amendola took to the media (first mistake) to present this alternative theory for the public to consider (second mistake). Amendola suggested that either the alleged victims (the eight in the grand jury presentment and the reportedly 10 more who have come forward since the news broke) are out for money or the grand jury is misrepresenting the facts.

In a surprising twist, Jerry Sandusky participated by telephone (third mistake) with Bob Costas on Rock Center. This might — and I stress might — be a good PR move if you are 100% innocent, if the charges against you seem questionable, and you have a likable personality.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that none of those things applied to the Jerry Sandusky who spoke with Bob Costas.

He sure didn’t sound very believable, in my opinion. I didn’t sense much passion or intensity in his voice. Of course, I’m no human behavior expert but if I were innocent of these horrible things and the whole Penn State world had been turned upside down because of me — including Joe Paterno being fired — I wouldn’t have taken my ONE chance to plead my case to the public and sounded kinda wishy washy and milque-toasty. And, it’s worth noting that Jerry Sandusky has never been accused before of being passionless or wishy washy.

He admitted to Bob Costas that he had done some of those things, including showering with kids, engaging in horseplay, hugging them and touching their legs, “without intent of sexual contact.” I don’t know about you…but I have never, ever, ever put my hand on someone’s leg while I was driving unless I am romantically involved with said individual.

Sure, you might gently place your hand on someone’s leg as a gesture of encouragement or support if that individual is distraught or crying, etc. But you don’t place your hand on their leg and leave it there. You also don’t put your hand on a 10- or 12-year-old’s leg when you’re in your 50s or 60s. Creepy.

Moving on, Bob Costas asked Sandusky about the 2002 shower rape incident that was reported by assistant coach Mike McQueary. Sandusky had an explanation. Not a good one, but an explanation nonetheless.

“We were showering and horsing around, and he actually turned all the showers on and was actually sliding across the floor and we were, as I recall, possibly like snapping a towel — horseplay.”

Really now.

That’s odd. Because no one at Penn State told the grand jury that you provided that explanation in 2002. And, surely, if you had thought up this story back in 2002, I would imagine that then-Athletic Director Tim Curley or then-Vice President Gary Schultz would have mentioned it to the grand jury. But I digress.

The one thing I can’t shake is this portion from the grand jury presentment; “He then heard rhythmic, slapping sounds. He believed the sounds to be those of sexual activity.”

We’re all adults here. McQueary was 28 at the time, and a former quarterback for Penn State so one can surmise that he was familiar with sexual activity. I have never in my life heard one sound that I confused with the sound of sex. And I’ve never heard the sound of sexual activity and mistook it for something else.

Sandusky really wants us to think that snapping someone with a towel sounds identical to the sounds of sexual activity? Once again, that dog don’t hunt, folks.

Costas then asked Sandusky, “What would be his (McQueary’s) motive to lie?

Good question, Bob! But Sandusky was ready for this “gotcha” question.

“You’d have to ask him that.”


That’s it? That’s all you got?

Costas then bluntly asked him if he was a pedophile.

“No,” Sandusky answered without hesitation.

“Are you sexually attracted to young boys?”

Here we go. Sandusky’s chance to shout out, yell, set the record straight, sound nauseated by the mere suggestion!

“Am I sexually attracted to young boys? Sexually attracted, you know, I — I enjoy young people. I — I love to be around them. I — I — but no I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.”

Um. What.

Costas also mentioned that Sandusky’s pattern of behavior kinda fits the m.o. of a pedophile. To which Sandusky replied, “Well — you might think that,” Sandusky said. “I don’t know. (LAUGHS) In terms of — my relationship with so many, many young people. I would — I would guess that there are many young people who would come forward. Many more young people who would come forward and say that my methods and — and what I had done for them made a very positive impact on their life. And I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped. There are many that I didn’t have — I hardly had any contact with who I have helped in many, many ways.”

This doesn’t read anywhere near as awkward as it sounds. So, let’s take a moment and watch this interview (which is the FULL interview in its entirety, not just the clips that were aired on Rock Center), which can only be characterized as a train wreck.

Amendola appeared on The Today Show on Tuesday. He claimed that Jerry has wanted to talk about this for a long, long time, since the allegations first surfaced several years ago. He was asked why Sandusky would continue to shower with children after the 1998 incident, which involved the child’s mother, the university police, and the district attorney? Good question!

Answer: “He didn’t use a whole lot of common sense…[h]e should have ceased it then.”

Speaking of which…did you notice how odd it was that Sandusky had precise (but used language to suggest that it wasn’t) recollection of the 2002 incident, which he asserted was nothing but horseplay. (And speaking of horseplay…have you ever seen anyone engaged in horseplay and have to do a double take because for a second you thought someone was being raped? Um, NO. Horseplay and rape look a little different.)

Sandusky knew the boy had turned on all the showers and was sliding across the floor and towels were getting snapped…but the 1998 incident, which involved police, a mother, university officials, and the district attorney? He barely remembers that. He sounds like an awful liar. However, Sandusky thinks he is so smart, so clever…that he automatically thinks he knows what to say and how to say it in order to fool everyone. Wrong-o.

Amendola then explained why they were speaking out about the charges (other than an inherent need to be in the spotlight, of course). “The public and the media have tried and convicted him.”

He was then asked about the reports that more victims (at last count, 10 more) had come forward since Sandusky’s arrest. Are they all lying?

It’s not impossible, Amendola suggested. “Because these types of crimes have a common theme and they take a common track and it’s not hard to fabricate allegations…[w]e have a bunch of people who have read the allegations and realize there’s a large university involved and there may be a lot of money involved.”

He then stated that they don’t know where these allegations even came from because the attorney general hasn’t shared that information. “We don’t have names of the so-called kids who are involved.” He then commented, “We’ve pieced it together.” Here’s a question. If all these stories are FALSE, then how could you possibly come up with the names of the individuals? If these things didn’t happen, what would you be piecing together?

For the record, Amendola is not the best person to be speaking to the media, either. He dismissed all the allegations as, “He’s just a jock horsing around with kids in the locker room.” Really? Because I’m pretty sure that at 55-60, messing around with kids is not what “jocks” do.

I’ll go ya one further…10-year-old boys don’t feel so comfortable while being naked with a grown man that they jump into horseplay. They don’t. Period. Not one of my children even wanted to be seen naked when they were 10, let alone would have engaged in horseplay while they were naked. That’s absurd.

Then, Amendola abandoned his assertion that Sandusky was completely innocent and said, “Is it possible that Jerry did all these things? Of course.”

He also addressed the identity of the child involved in the 2002 shower incident. “We are looking for the young man involved who is now in his 20s. We believe we’ve found him and if we have found him, he’s telling a very different story than Mike McQueary. He’s saying it never happened.”

We’re looking for him. We believe we’ve found him. If we have found him…what the hell are you talking about, Amendola? Cheese and crackers. What a cluster.

Amendola also claims that three of the victims, now adults, have been in contact with Sandusky (two as recently as last summer, when they went out to eat) and another who brought his girlfriend and baby to his home two years ago, wanting the Sanduskys to be part of his family. That doesn’t prove anything and he admitted that, but in a rather dismissive, offensive way.

Update: LaVar Arrington freaked out about Jerry Sandusky’s interview on his radio show Tuesday morning. Like, freaked out. But, ya know what? I respect him for it. He didn’t hold back, he didn’t mince words, he didn’t carefully say what was PC…he stated how he felt. And, in my opinion, this is how a lot of people feel but won’t let loose. Arrington is currently a radio personality in Washington, D.C., but he did play for Penn State, as a linebacker. Thank you, LaVar Arrington, for giving it to Jerry Sandusky with both barrels.

In McQueary news, an e-mail reportedly recently sent by McQueary stated, “I did the right thing…you guys know me…the truth is not out there fully…I didn’t just turn and run…I made sure it stopped…I had to make quick tough decisions.” McQueary also claims that he called the police after witnessing the incident. We’ll see. If he did, then that means the police are part of a cover-up? Yikes.

Let me tell you a little about Joseph Amendola. He is 63 years old. His wife? 32. Oh wait, it gets better.

One media outlet obtained documents from the Centre County Courthouse that appear to show that Amendola doesn’t have the best judgment himself. Turns out, Amendola represented a girl in an emancipation petition just weeks before she turned 17, in 1996. That same girl gave birth to Amendola’s child before she turned 18. At that time, Amendola was about 48 years old. Amendola married her in 2003 (around the time she gave birth to their second child) but that’s academic at this point.

Amendola did mention that Sandusky doesn’t use a whole lot of common sense. No kidding.

If he did, he wouldn’t have hired this guy.

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  1. Dee W. says

    Goodness. I can’t even stand to look at him. I’m pissed that he’s out on bail. He needs to be under a prison, or at least in general population where the other criminals can have at him.

  2. Tiffany says

    Thanks again for saying what’s on everybodys mind. I am with Dee but I also know he wont last long in prison cuz even the murderers dont take too kindly to child molesters. Which in its own way is comforting to know that he will either live the rest of his life segregated from the general population, never to know human contact. Or murdered by his fellow prisoners. Which can still happen in the first option (see Jeffrey Dahmer).

  3. Betty Baez says

    im so outraged and disgusted! this man is truly sick!…and what makes it even worse is the people who chose to look the other way and cover this up for so long for the “love” of football and those who are ignorant that at a moment of silence held for the victims they scream, and throw riots. These laws need to be changed, and people need to be held accountable for idly standing by. The judge who released him on bail shouldnt have been assigned to his case considering her conflict of interest, she participated in his charity events. I hope that this becomes a supreme court matter. He needs to be behind bars for the rest of miserable life!!!

  4. says

    Bravo! Awesomely written and full of EXACTLY what is on my mind. This entire thing disgusts me beyond belief. And that stuff about his lawyer, that is also disgusting. I also read somewhere that the judge who let him out on bail was a part of the organization. The entire thing is so horrible, it’s nearly beyond belief.

  5. says

    In all honesty, had someone written this screenplay…they would be thrown out of a producer’s office on their ear. It’s RIDICULOUS. In fact, I would go as far as saying that it insults people’s intelligence. Forget suspending disbelief — this situation, when taken as a whole, is too absurd to be humanly possible. And yet, here we are. Famous college team, even more famous coach (Paterno)…a judge connected to organization, a lawyer that represented both PSU and The Second Mile (Wendell Courtney), a defense counsel who himself has a reprehensible background regarding sexual boundaries…it’s becoming absurd.
    Kristin recently posted..Jerry Sandusky: The Hits Just Keep on ComingMy Profile

    • Jayne Townsley says

      I read this today and thought, “Dude. You just erased any doubt in my mind that you didn’t know EXACTLY what was going on.”

      • says

        Yep…why would an individual transfer an asset to their spouse? To protect it in the case of legal action. I’m no lawyer (although I did attend law school)…but this is an unnecessary step to protect the asset in the case of death. I think everyone knows that. So…what’s the deal, Paterno? Not good. Not good at all.
        Kristin recently posted..A Coach Handbag? Giddy up!My Profile

  6. says

    What really pisses me off about this is that McQueary, 28 and a former quarterback, didn’t go into that shower and beat the crap out of Sanducksy! Seriously, I’m a woman and if I saw a man raping a child I would do everything in my power to stop it then and there, the guy would be lucky I didn’t kill him or at least rip his balls off.

    • says

      It sure makes you wonder, doesn’t it Kathy? McQueary has asserted (in the last week) that he DID stop the rape (but not physically) and that he reported it to police, although there is no police report. So, either he is saying this to protect his own skin (quite possible) or this points to a massive cover-up by PSU.

      Either is quite possible, in my opinion.
      Kristin recently posted..Dancing With the Stars: The Semifinals!My Profile

  7. says

    Thanks, Schmidty. Well, well, well. How INTERESTING. Thanks for sharing that. I’m wondering if that’s legal now that we have “Joe Paterno hindsight.” After all, if you do that to shield assets from a nursing home, that’s not legal. Hmmmm.

    Sure does shed some light on what “JoePa” knew and didn’t know, does it not? He testified to what he knew, which seemed to be next to nothing. Soooo…why would you transfer this asset?

    Which makes me re-state….Joe Paterno is NOT a hero.
    Kristin recently posted..Jerry Sandusky: The Hits Just Keep on ComingMy Profile

  8. Schmidty says

    My field is psychology, Kristin, and this whole thing 1) infuriates me and 2) is symptomatic of a much larger societal problem. Sandusky was allowed to do what he did with a wink and a nod because of the prevailing progressive mindset in much of academia that no behavior is immoral or wrong, that it need only be seen in the correct light (and those who are repulsed by such things need only adjust their thinking and open their minds).

    Case in point (and something that has received very little media coverage but the psychology community is well aware of this): There is now a move on to normalize pedophilia and to remove it as a disorder in the new revision of the DSM. These are academicians behind this! The proposed new medical term is “minor-attracted persons”. You can read about it here:


    and I also suggest this entire thread, very interesting and informative regarding Sandusky’s behavior and pedophilia (and how we as a a society got here):

  9. kww says

    Schmidty…thanks for your input and links…wow…that is so scary but you know I figured it would happen they did it with Homosexuality…and now this…soon it will be bestiality as well…a slippery slope imho

    • Sadie says

      Homosexuality = two consenting adults in love.

      Pedophilia = grown adult taking advantage of, and raping, a child.

      Bestiality = animal and human.

      They don’t compare, and it’s an insult to insinuate that they do.

  10. One Little Mister says

    Great article.

    I completely agree with you in his reply to the “are you sexually attractted to young boys” question. WHAT THAT FUCK WAS HE THINKING? Excuse my language, but COME ON, even if you are guilty (which he totally is) you can’t lie better than that? Jesus Christ.

    And the statement after that, “I didn’t go around seeking out EVERY young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped.” Naah, just 20 or so.

    He makes me want to punch my computer or TV screen every time I see his face! He just looks like a creeper!

  11. Anna says

    honestly, i’m a little weirded out with the suggestion that progressive academics are supporting the doing away with the stigma surrounding pedophilia. unless we’re talking about something within psychology and related disciplines. i consider myself a progressive academic (in the humanities) and i know the difference between normalizing pedophilia and normalizing homosexuality. one hurts children. the other doesn’t.

    at the end of the day, its not about being progressive (and therefore relativizing everything). its about protecting the powerless from those who exert power upon them and exploit them.

  12. Linda says

    Gee, the Law and Order SVU writers won’t even have to pick up a pen thanks to these two. Reading about and listening to them is like watching a particularly creepy episode that leaves you speechless.

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