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Pretty by Jillian Lauren {Book Review}

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Pretty Book Review Jillian Lauren


By Jillian Lauren ($15)

Summary of Pretty by Jillian Lauren:

Bebe Baker is an ex-everything: ex-stripper, ex-Christian, ex-drug addict, ex-pretty girl. It’s been one year since the car accident that killed her boyfriend left her scarred and shaken. Flanked by an eccentric posse of friends, she is serving out a self-imposed sentence at a halfway house, while trying to finish cosmetology school. Amid the rampant diagnoses, over-medication, compulsive eating, and acrylic nails of Los Angeles, Bebe looks for something to believe in before something–her past, the dangerously magnetic men in her life, her own bad choices–knocks her off course again.

My reaction to Pretty by Jillian Lauren:

You know that feeling when you pick up a book that makes you hang on every word? Where you get that weird, engrossed look on your face? When you are struggling with whether to read and read and read so you can get it all in til you reach the final page…or to methodically pace yourself so that you don’t reach the end too soon?

That’s what Pretty is.

But Pretty is more than that. Words like intense, real, raw, compelling are just a handful that come to mind when you try to describe this novel. Pretty is a wonderful surprise about a woman who is living a life that is not terribly, well, pretty. It’s skillfully written — Jillian Lauren is an absolute treat — and tells a tale that you cannot (and don’t want to) get out of your head.

Pretty by Jillian Lauren is witty while being brutally honest — but never gratuitous for the sake of satisfying thrill-seekers, mind you — and keeps you engaged from page one until you, regrettably, close the book upon completion. This is a journey of survival and discovery that is not paved with flowers and sunshine yet it never disheartens or disappoints. Clearly, I recommend this book…to everyone.

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You can purchase Pretty by Jillian Lauren on Amazon.

I was not compensated for writing this review post. I received a copy of Pretty by Jillian Lauren for review. My opinions are honest.

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