The Summer of Kristin: The Beach

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I love the beach.

So, this morning, when my head popped up at…6:53 a.m., I was happy to see that it was because of all the glorious natural light illuminating my little seaside abode. This is the source…

Wildwood Crest Summer Beach House

I know, right? And, as I sat here this morning, reading e-mail, this was the view that was almost blinding me. OK, it wasn’t really “blinding” me, but it sure was beckoning me to head outdoors.

Wildwood Crest Summer Beach HomeThat’s the view from my chair. And this is the view from the doorway…

Wildwood Crest Summer Beach Home Deck PatioAs you can see, I have a cushion on only one chair…that’s because we’re expecting rain sometime today, so why make more work for myself? This way I only have to rescue one cushion if storms hit. Anywho, I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and at 9:06, I headed to the beach, which from the end of my walkway, is this far away (I should probably say “this close.”)

Wildwood Crest BeachIt’s about a two minute walk to the sand. Seriously. And, it’s so quiet, so peaceful, so relaxing here. There aren’t throngs of people, there’s no noise…seriously. The only sound is sea gulls. Period. Yes, it’s as close to heaven as I’m gonna get.

Anywho, after approximately two minutes, this is my view…

Wildwood Crest Beach

This morning, there was no one on the beach. I think in the half hour that I walked along the water’s edge, I saw about five people. That will probably change once Memorial Day hits, at which time, I will probably have to go a little earlier if I want this kind of solitude.

Wildwood Crest Beach Ocean Sea Gulls

See all the baby gulls searching for crabs and other sea creatures they can devour? This type of sea gull behavior, I don’t mind. After all, just being in the water up to your knees can turn you into a snack for these bastards:

Wildwood Crest Beach Crab

Oh, yeah. That’s fun, when you have a crab hanging off your toe. Been there, done that. One year, I was so freaked out over the crabs crawling along the ocean floor that I wore those aqua shoe things. Seriously. Don’t judge me. Let a crab nip at your feet a few times and we’ll see how you handle it.

While I have been known to spend days — long, long days — on the beach, with nothing but a chair, sunglasses, a book, and some sunscreen (OK, OK, tanning oil…don’t look at me like that), I should mention that I have this weird issue with sand. I loathe it.

My father always loved to tell this story about how I reacted to sand once I was old enough to know what was going on. I think I was 4 or 5, and my parents took me to the beach. I refused to get off the blanket all day. I refused to touch the sand, period.

Not only did I not play in it (I was a weird kid, I suppose), but I had to be carried from the street to the blanket, and then back to the street at the end of the day. I would not even step on sand. The next day (this was my father’s favorite part of the story), we walked up the few steps at the end of the street, to where the beach began, and I stopped and said, “Oh no. Not again.”

Now, I walk through the sand, I plant myself in a low beach chair and I have sand halfway to my knees. I have not embraced it, I do not enjoy it…I simply have resigned myself to the fact that, well, there will be sand. It is what it is. But, I won’t let it get in the way of my summer. No, sir. Not when this is what I’m looking at on my morning walk…

Wildwood Crest Beach


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  1. says

    Beautiful! I want to live somewhere like that…seriously. When you work online, there is really no reason why you cannot live wherever there is Wifi…right? At least, that is my goal for 2013:) EARLY (say January, LOL) 2013. Hope you had an amazing time!

  2. chelesa sims says

    Looks amusing. Last year we went to myrtle beach.We had fun or atleast my daughter did.My daughter and waked along to beach in the sand .My husband brought my son down to the beach.He cried and cried. Guess he hates the water.By the time we left,we had two children crying. One(my son) because he doesnt like the water. two(my daughter) because she didnt want to leave.

  3. Stephanie Hastie says

    oh, these beach pictures make me wish it were summer! We are heading into a nasty blizzard this weekend here.

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