Oprah’s Favorite Things are…Expensive!

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This year’s list is something of a bummer.  (Keep in mind, the “favorite things” list is a yearly thing…her “Ultimate Favorite Things” is something she is doing on the show, that is the “most fantastical” stuff, presumably, of all time.) Oprah’s 2010 list is a tad over my budget, and my taste. I’m rather disappointed. Without further adieu, here it is:

1. Microdelivery In-Home Vitamin C/Peptide Peel by Philosophy ($65 for two-ounce set)
This one, believe it or not, is one of the few that I actually would like…but would not buy. $65 for two ounces? 

2. Owl Pajamas by piggypajamas.com ($85)
Look, no one likes pajamas more than me (seriously) but $85 for pajamas? I got a winter coat on sale cheaper than that! Sheesh, O. However, mentioning that she gave these as a gift to J.K. Rowling should pretty much mean they’ll sell like hotcakes this season. Lame.

3.  Hand-painted pet tray by twogirlsarts.com ($350+)

I almost just spit my coffee out. $350 for a tray? Who does she think is reading this list? Millionaires? Eek. Personally (don’t shoot me), I think they look “chintzy,” like something I’d pass over at a garage sale. Of course, I might linger a minute because I’d contemplate buying it as a “gag” for the house, like kitsch. Sorry. Just being honest.

4.  The Popcorn Gourmet Old-School Popcorn Popper by ideeli.com ($119)
Um. Microwave popcorn is fine by me…and it costs about $2 for a box of 3? Um, yeah. I’ll stick with that.

5.  Customized Memo Pads by charlesfradinhome.com ($298)
Send in a picture of your pet and his/her likeness will be the header on your memo pads. Now, as for the price. ARE YOU INSANE, OPRAH? Now I have spit my coffee out.

6.  Sweet Potato Butter by lowcountryproduce.com ($9)
Whew. Finally, something affordable for us regular folk.  

7.  Tizo Wooden Jewelry Box at gearys.com ($185)
This box is cute and sentimental and all, but…$185? Really? This is getting ridiculous.

8.  Mrs. Hanes’ Ginger Crisps at hanescookies.com ($19.50 for two tubes)
Let me explain why these will also sell like crazy. Oprah very conveniently mentioned that she gets these every year from “pal” Quincy Jones. Looks like Hanes Cookies will end their year in the black.

9.  Frederic Malle body wash and lotion at editionsdeparfums.com ($75 and $85)
What. The. Heck. Who can afford this? Would “pal” Suze Orman approve of this expenditure?  (Hint: NO!)  

10.  Life series on DVD at discoverystore.com  ($49)
I don’t know that this should be on the list (although it’s a great gift) since Oprah NARRATED this series. That’s like a professor putting one of his own books on the required reading list. Tsk, tsk.  

11.  iPad by Apple ($499+)
OK, this is a good choice. Doesn’t really need any pimping by Oprah, nor is it something out of the ordinary that we don’t already know about, but OK.

12.  BookBook for iPad at twelvesouth.com ($70)

The BookBook is actually a leather cover for your iPad that looks like an antique book. Cute. Clever. OK. (But $70 is a lot, is it not?)

13.  O, The Oprah Magazine app at itunes.com
Really, Oprah? Really? When you pull this kind of stunt, it cheapens your gift list, since you’re using it as a self-promotion ploy. You don’t need to stoop to this level, given that you’re…OPRAH!  Tsk, tsk again, O. We expect better from you. 

Stay tuned for my “favorite things,” which will debut later this week…and, don’t worry, my “favorite things” are actually affordable. You’ll be treated to the best of the best for your holiday gift list. (Hint: I’ll be giving every one of them away, too!) 

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  1. Beverly says

    You hit this one right on the head! I stopped watching Oprah long ago–she's entirely too full of herself. And this favorite things list is a joke–the last time I even looked at one, she listed a pair of $500 pajamas. That's just nuts–no matter how much money you have. And listing her own magazine as one of the items–with her picture on the cover every month, of course–that's just beyond tacky.

  2. Robin says

    Oprah will be… Oprah. lol. If I had the kind of fundage that she has I might make the same list but… maybe not. probably not.
    I look forward to seeing YOUR list and thanks for stopping by Mark it with a B.

  3. slommler says

    That tray is hideous and the wooden jewelry box?? Seriously!!!!???? Most of her things are over the top…but that is Oprah…way over the top. And a cruise?? Oh my!!!
    I am sure your list will be much more entertaining!

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